Graduate Profile Communication Project

Take a few moments to explore and learn about the DJUSD Graduate Profile.
In your opinion, what are the 2-3 most important competencies listed in the Graduate Profile?  

As you describe each competency you see of value, explain why they are important, how they can help you be successful, and examples of when you relied on the competency to help you through a challenge.

Grades K-2 

Write a paragraph or two (you may explain to a helper to write for you)

Grades 3-6

Write 2-5 paragraphs (you may get feedback and editing help)

Grades 7-8

Write 3-4 paragraphs explaining your thinking

Grades 9-10

Interview an adult or friend and summarize their thinking as well as whether you agree or disagree.

Grades 11-12

Explore a career path and share what skills are most relevant for that path using evidence, research, interviews, etc

If you’d prefer:  respond in the form of a picture, video, meme, or Google Slide presentation

Should you want to submit your response to our DJUSD Instructional Team, please use the button below to submit your work.  The team will read all responses, share them with your school site, and possibly highlight your work publically (with your permission).