Report a Safety Concern

Call 911 if you are in immediate danger or if you have information concerning a life-threatening emergency.

Social Emotional Support
If you are worried about a student’s social emotional well-being or mental health fill out the Social Emotional Support form and a referral will be sent to the appropriate staff member who will provide support for the student.  

Report Bullying
Report bullying or safety concerns either in person to any staff member, or online by contacting the school principal.  

Speak Up Tip Line
Students in junior high or high school can also report safety or other concerns using the new cyber tip line, which can be accessed from a student's DJUSD Google account.  Find out more at SpeakUp. 

For more information on bullying prevention, visit our Bullying Prevention website.

Learn about Emergency Procedures
Davis Joint Unified School District is committed to raising awareness about safety across the district. Visit our Student Safety website and Emergency Situations at School website.