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Upcoming Events

The Compassion Project: Virtual parent workshop beginning October 13 on adolescent mental health and dialectical behavioral therapy aiming to raise awareness of psychological disorders in children and adolescents and reduce stigma. Sign-up using this link or learn more about the project here Compassion Project2020.pdf 

El Proyecto de Compasión: Taller virtual para padres sobre salud mental adolescente y terapia dialéctica conductual con el objetivo de crear conciencia y reducir el estigma. Regístrese en este enlace  u obtenga más información sobre el proyecto aquí Proyecto de compasión2020.pdf También habrá intérpretes españoles durante el taller, ¡así que por favor asistan!

Angst: A film to Raise Awareness Around Anxiety:  Students, staff, and families should register soon to view this film between November 14 - 16 and then attend a virtual panel to discuss the film. AngstNovember2020.pdf  


Parenting Articles and Podcasts

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Just Breathe

Yoga class

6 Mindfulness Activities You Can Do As a Family 

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7 Mindfulness Exercises for Kids and Families (English) (Spanish)

Mindfulness Exercises (English) (Spanish)

Guided Meditations - in English and Spanish

Mindfulness for Teens

100 Free Social Emotional Learning Tools

Emotional Regulation

Red Light, Green Light (English version)

Red Light, Green Light (Spanish version)

Freeze Dance Game (English version)

Freeze Dance Game (Spanish version)
Feelings of Control (English)(Spanish)

Coping Skills Worksheet (English) (Spanish)
The Helpful Counselor - 18 coping skills & activities

Positive and Negative Self Talk

Stop Breathe Think

100 Coping Strategies

Deep Breathing for Kids 

Calming Anxiety - Coping Skills

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Social Emotional Support Form

If you are worried about a student’s social emotional well-being or mental health fill out this form and a referral will be sent to a school counselor or another staff member who will provide support for the student.  

Cara Messmore 
Manager of Prevention & Wellness

Jennifer Mullin 
Manager of Prevention & Wellness