Spring Community College Courses, Free for DJUSD Students
Posted on 11/16/2020

DJUSD students can enroll in Sacramento City College Spring courses now; courses are free, and your counselor can help you choose a course and sign up through a call or email. With courses like Ethnic Studies, American Sign Language, Nutrition, Psychology, and Introduction to American Popular Music, there are a variety of courses that may appeal to all of our high school students.

What course can I take?

  • Visit this link to look at the full catalog for Spring 2021 courses.
  • All Sac City Courses are online this summer; no classes are being held on campus(s).
  • Community college credits can be added to your DJUSD transcript if needed for graduation or A-G completion.. If you take more than one course, you can submit additional transcripts to colleges.

Why take a FREE community college class?

  • Accrue credits for UC/CSU/community college.
  • Enrollment is free for DJUSD students.
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Explore something new.

Who is eligible or should try it?
Current high school students may be eligible to enroll in two college courses each semester as an advanced education student if:

  • You have completed the 10th grade or will be at least 16 years old by the first day of instruction.
  • You demonstrate exemplary academic achievement as evidenced by a GPA of 2.7 or above and an analysis of transcripts, letters of support from high school counselors and teachers, and/or other academic success indicators.
  • The course you want to take is not available to you at your school.
  • You want to retake a course as a result of an unsatisfactory grade.
  • The course is for advanced study and you are able to demonstrate adequate preparation and you have completed the prerequisites for the course.

1) Complete the Sacramento City College application

2) Download and complete the Advanced Education application

3) Email your high school counselor with the documents listed above and they can help you to determine which class you should take. Advanced Education students can enroll in one or two courses, but you can choose additional courses in case your initial choice is full.

  • Digitally sign the Advanced Education Application.
  • Have your parent or guardian digitally sign the Advanced Education Application.
  • Forward the following to your high school counselor:
  1. Advanced Education Application
  2. Your AP test scores (if applicable)

4) Your high school counselor must submit the Advanced Education Application AND attach a copy of your unofficial transcript to Admissions and Records at AdvancedEd@scc.losrios.edu.

Important Dates

November 16, 2020  First day to submit Advanced Education paperwork
December 17 and 18, 2020  Advanced Education enrollment dates
January 8, 2021  Last day to submit Advanced Education paperwork for full semester courses
March 8, 2021 Last day to submit Advanced Education paperwork for late-starting  courses 

More information
If you would like more information regarding Advanced Education, you can watch the zoom presentation linked here.  


If you would like to speak with someone at the Davis Center, please contact Tammi Driver: DriverT@scc.losrios.edu or (530)747-5223.