DJUSD 1 to 1 Technology Initiative 


1 to 1 Technology Initiative (Please disregard if your child is a student at DaVinci)

Students in Grades 3-12

When we return to in-person instruction, DJUSD will implement 1 to 1 Technology . Each student in grades 3-12 will be expected to have an individual device, available to them for instructional use. This device will travel with that student between home and campus each day. To achieve the 1 to 1 Technology Initiative for students in grades 3-12, parents of students in these grades may choose one of the following options:

  • Provide their student with a personal device with minimum specifications: Chromebook:  Minimum 4gb ram/memory and 16gb HDD/storage or Laptop:  Minimum 8gb ram/memory and 500gb HDD/storage  
  • Purchase a new Chromebook for the student*Must visit and follow link on a computer and not a mobile device
  • Check out a DJUSD-issued Chromebook for individual use. 

Students wishing to use a District-issued Chromebook for 1 to 1 are invited to come to the Technology Department M-F between 8:00am and 3:00pm to check out their device.

Students in Grades Preschool through Grade 2


Students in grades Preschool- 2 will be in a  1 to 1 Technology environment as well. When these  students return to campus for in-person instruction, they will have 1 to 1 access to Chromebooks on carts in the classroom, but will not have a personal device that travels between school and home.  These students will also continue their access to a device and internet at home.