Employee Development and Compensation

Professional Growth
Specific Result 1: 
To ensure growth and development pathways exist for all levels of district employees through a comprehensive professional growth system, DJUSD will become the preferred place to work in the Sacramento region because of the district’s commitment to supporting new and current teachers, administrators, and staff through professional development, career counseling, and teacher training.

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Retention and Satisfaction

Specific Result 2: 
100% of certificated, classified and administrative staff report that the district is a culturally responsive environment where they feel safe, recognized, respected, and a sense of agency to be innovative.

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Specific Result 3:
Create and implement an enhanced district-wide comprehensive recruitment process that provides timely and qualified staffing of school district personnel needs and expands the diversity of staff in the district.

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Compensation and Benefits

Specific Result 4:

To make DJUSD a more desirable employer by providing compensation above the comparable regional levels for all employees and by providing flexible benefits that are delivered

through an accessible, user friendly and customer service oriented human resources system.

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