Parcel Tax History 


Davis voters approved their first parcel tax in 1984.  That year district voters passed a ballot measure which allowed the district to tax property owners a per parcel assessment to raise money for public schools. The original measure requested authorization for an assessment of $45 per parcel for a term of 4 years.  Since then, the parcel tax has been renewed every four years and additional measures have been approved to alleviate program cuts due to loss of state funding. 
In November 2016, Davis voters passed Measure H Parcel Tax, an eight-year parcel tax. Measure H will generate approximately $10 million per year to support quality schools and maintain educational programs and services on every campus. Without the parcel tax, DJUSD could not sustain the enrichment and choice that is the hallmark of our district. 

In March 2020, Davis voters passed Measure G Parcel Tax for the purpose of continuing to enhance the ability of the District to competitively compensate its teachers and school employees. Measure G is an ongoing assessment that will generate $3 million dollars per year.  

Parcel Tax Thank You

Parcel Tax Oversight Committee

2020-21 Parcel Tax Oversight Committee

Jim Andrew  
Natalia Baltazar  
Grace DeMasi  
Lori Duisenberg  
Shelly Gilbride  
Kelly Heung  
Kristin Mauro
Fungai Mukome  
Andrew Newman  
Chian He Ohler  
The Parcel Tax Oversight Committee is comprised of community members who are nominated to serve by Board of Education Trustees. The committee provides a specific accounting of how the parcel tax money is spent. An annual report is presented each year at the first Board of Education meeting in February. 

Parcel Tax Programs and Services

Programs and Services Funded by Parcel Taxes

Measure H
Math and reading programs
Elementary science instruction
Reduced class sizes
Secondary foreign language programs
Music programs
Athletics and co-curricular programs
School counselors, nurses and student support

Measure G
Salary compensation for teachers and other staff. 
Measure H and Measure G Tax Exemptions

Tax Exemptions

Some property owners may be eligible for exemptions from DJUSD parcel taxes.  To qualify for a senior citizen exemption, you must be at least 65 years old and the property must be your primary residence.  There are also exemptions for property owners receiving Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Income.  The exemption application period for the  2020-21 
tax year is completed. Exemption applications for the 2021-22 tax year will be available here in April 2021.