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This time of year is often filled with family traditions and celebrations. We are more deliberate in taking time to reflect and express appreciation for those we care for. With the impact of COVID-19, our routines have been disrupted and traditions may be canceled or in need of reimagining. For many, this time of year surfaces increased challenges that impact mental health. Some feel more depressed or anxious during the holidays for a myriad of reasons even without the added layer of a pandemic. As adults, we can struggle with unmet expectations, not enough time to accomplish everything, or additional financial burdens and may now also experience sadness around the loss of traditions or family connection. Children, too, can struggle during this time. If your child is showing signs of the “blues” or more significant mental health concerns, be sure to address this and allow your child to express themselves.
For more support, reach out to a school counselor or access mental health services in our community. As a family, find ways to lower the stress of the season and any feelings of loss you are experiencing. Step outside together and breathe in the crisp air. Create new traditions if old ones create more worry than they’re worth.  For additional tips and information about how to care for yourself and your family through this pandemic and the  holiday season, please see the following links:

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Social Emotional Support Form

If you are worried about a student’s social emotional well-being or mental health fill out this form and a referral will be sent to a school counselor or another staff member who will provide support for the student.  

Cara Messmore 
Manager of Prevention & Wellness

Jennifer Mullin 
Manager of Prevention & Wellness