Privacy, Security, and Safety

Davis Joint Unified School District is committed to student safety. Below you will find information on what we are doing to secure student privacy. If you have seen or heard of a student violating any of these privacy and security policies, please contact your school’s principal or teacher.

Cisco Webex & Zoom

  • DJUSD Students do not have Webex or Zoom accounts. To protect student privacy, DJUSD does not share student account information with Cisco or Zoom.
  • Students enter their first and last name followed by their school email address.
  • Video Capturing
  • DJUSD Virtual Classroom Security
    • Webex Meetings require strong passwords with a minimum of 8 characters.
    • Default DJUSD Webex Meeting settings:
      • Students cannot: 
        • view, save or print a file or document (use Google Classroom).
        • annotate (turn this on if you are using a whiteboard).
        • view the participant list.
        • request to control shared content.
        • private chat with other attendees.
        • join the meeting before the teacher joins.
      • Students can: 
        • private chat with their teacher (The session’s “Host” and/or “Presenter”).
        • turn on/off their microphone or camera.

G Suite (Google) 

Gaggle Safety Monitoring of G Suite

  • Gaggle is a safety management tool used by DJUSD.  Gaggle monitors all student activity in G Suite (Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Gmail, Google Classroom, etc.) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Gaggle sends alerts to students and staff when there are any detected concerns around student safety, self harm, depression, criminal activity, bullying, etc.  If urgent or immediate concern is detected, staff or law enforcement is notified around the clock.
  • You can find more information at Gaggle's Safety Management website.

DJUSD Chromebooks

  • All DJUSD Chromebooks use the same filters whether used in a home or at school. 
    The same limits and permissions apply, and student activity is filtered to age-appropriate content and access.  
  • You can find more information about Chromebook security and privacy on Google’s website