CCE MPR Location Update
Posted on 11/08/2019
CCE MPR drawing location

November 6, 2019

After an extensive outreach process that included feedback from CCE administration, staff, parents, neighbors, architects and engineers, the CCE MPR will be located on the south end of campus, but with a 50 foot gap between the remaining south side portable classrooms.

The revised placement and decision making was shared with CCE staff on November 5, 2019, and it was received positively by those in attendance.

DJUSD greatly appreciates the questions and suggestions submitted in this process.  In order to be responsive to a number of questions and concerns, the following information is provided to explain changes made to the original placement and illustrated in this new rendering.

Access and Water Service

One primary driver for a placement decision is the access. If the MPR were to be located on the north side of campus, DJUSD would spend at least $250K for a new fire lane and other site work. In addition, we know that the water service is located on the south side and there would be significant additional costs related to water.  Staff also believe that this placement would create a safer and more efficient delivery of supplies.

Cost of Moving CDC 

By placing the MPR on the south side of campus, CDC will not have to be relocated. CDC is a unique situation as DJUSD owns the land and CDC owns the building. In any case, we estimate about $750K would be spent by one or a combination of entities to relocate CDC to a new placement to allow the MPR on the north side. 

Screening the service side

The orientation of the MPR in the schematic has the student eating area facing the blacktop for easy flow into campus. The service area would be behind the building. Like other DJUSD campuses, the trash and service area will be screened to provide appropriate aesthetics. 

Access to Redwood City Park

In this revised rendering, you can see there will be approximately 50 feet of space between the new MPR building and the 6th grade wing, allowing for ample space and flow between the City park and CCE campus.  Note, in this design, one portable from that wing will be removed to provide the space for the new building. While one classroom will be removed, the MPR will house a music room that will be available to teachers for professional development, classes and more. In addition, the old MPR will be repurposed on campus for uses still to be determined.

Construction impact on campus and Redwood City Park use

There will be less construction activity impacting campus with the MPR located on the south side of campus. Service and construction vehicles will be confined to the south side and not needing to cross the blacktop.  Although construction will take place at the south end, Redwood City Park will not be closed by DJUSD during MPR construction. 

Avoid cutting mature shade trees and preserve green space

DJUSD received numerous comments that students and staff appreciate the mature shade trees and locating the MPR near natural green space is a preference. The decision to locate the MPR on the south side means fewer trees will need to be removed. At this time, we believe that no trees will need to be removed; however, there is a slight possibility the eastern-most tree (closest to the 6th grade wing) may need to be removed once we enter construction for fire road access.  Many more trees (5-7) would need to be removed to locate the MPR on the north side.

Ability to decorate the building adjacent to City Redwood Park area used for school festivals

As can be seen from buildings across this District, it is important for school buildings to reflect the culture and unique aspects of each school site and certainly murals and art work are important elements to achieving that. DJUSD has procedures in place to allow for site design of such projects. The MPR on the south side will have a wall facing the park.

Playground Access

DJUSD students should be using DJUSD facilities during the school day. Redwood Park is a City structure that is certified and maintained by the City for community, not school district, use. A new DJUSD playground will be built on campus as part of this project.  With this placement design, there is a net increase of one play structure in the area, but students would not use the City Park during the school day. 

Hardcourt/Basketball Hoops

The footprint of the new MPR will absorb some of the current hardcourt at CCE. To mitigate for this, new hardcourt will be included in the project which will include basketball courts. 

Future Facilities Master Plan (FMP) work on campus

The FMP includes significant modernization to the CCE campus that includes replacement of the South Wing of classrooms, a new parking lot and drop off area and other significant modernization. The total FMP for all District needs includes more than $450 million (in 2018 dollars) of needed improvements. The current Bond Program includes approximately $226 million in improvements so to meet the full assessed need, DJUSD will be looking at other bonds or other funding sources in the future. At this time, the MPRs are being designed to scope, to meet the current educational program and other defined needs. However, we also want to design the MPR so it is aligned with the FMP future projects at CCE, including the replacement of the south wing of portables with a parking lot.  That classroom wing would move to the north side of campus in the future and the parking lot would be adjacent to the MPR.  

Shelter from the rain

CCE staff raised concern about the MPR being located at a distance from some classrooms without a sheltered path to accommodate movement during the rainy season.  As part of this project, we are exploring the possibility of a sheltered solar-covered walkway that would connect rooms 1-6 to all the other wings and to the new MPR on the south side.

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