To the Class of 2020
Posted on 04/30/2020
grad cap with high school logos

A word to our Class of 2020. There are no words to encapsulate the disappointment of our students who must spend the final months of school away from peers, teams, clubs and teachers. And, while all of us feel loss around what we had planned for spring, you, our senior class, are experiencing this sacrifice with more poignancy. This is meant to be your moment in time. Your senior year is one you and your families looked forward to experiencing as a rite of passage, both closure, and the marker of brand new beginnings. This was your time for the senior trips, senior prom, the year for senior recognitions and senior award nights, the year for senior Grad Night, the nostalgia of reflecting on your schooling with friends, and the planning for new beginnings together. This was to be your time to celebrate one another and allow others to publicly celebrate your work and time with us before you move on in new directions, on your individual paths.

This pandemic has eroded many people’s plans, but as seniors, your moment is special. We feel this loss with you as educators because we, too, look forward to the day we declare you all ready and capable of what comes next. As a community, we are saddened and disappointed for you. There is no way to minimize what you are experiencing or to make up for what this health crisis has taken from you.

However, in the midst of challenge, we have the confidence in your ability to find opportunity and new possibilities. In truth, no one really knows how long this situation will endure. So, I encourage you to set the tone. Let yourselves be the source for innovation and creativity and to define the legacy of the Class of 2020. You are resilient. You are problem solvers. You know how to shine. And while you are not on a field together, you are united with every Senior, in Davis, and in our nation. Though this public health crisis means you may not be ending the year with the traditional celebrations, I encourage you to celebrate your achievements and your bright future, in the ways that you safely can.

We will listen to you and look for ways to support your ideas because you, Class of 2020, have our hearts.

To share your ideas, please email the following contacts:

Please stay connected by reviewing emails and school and DJUSD Social Media and websites. We are partnering with parents, leaders, and community to recognize our Seniors and they will be inviting you to participate.

Troy Allen 
Director of Secondary Education and Leadership