DJUSD continues to monitor the fire, wind, air quality and power outage impacts to the region. Find out what informs our decisions regarding poor air quality.
Posted on 10/29/2019

With fires and windy conditions in the region, we are closely monitoring the air quality in DJUSD  to take proper precautions for student health and safety. The following chart is available at AirNow.Gov

AQI chart available at

Frequently Asked Questions:


How are decisions made to modify activities or cancel school?

The possibility of closing school due to smoke is a complex local decision. DJUSD follows guidance developed by the California Department of Education in partnership with the California Air Resources Board, the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association, California County Superintendents Educational Services Association, Association of California School Administrators and the California School Boards Association.  Specifically, DJUSD carefully monitors the Air Quality Index (AQI) reports and weather forecasts through and the Yolo/Solano Air Quality Management District (Y/S AQMD). We will also consult and confer with Yolo County Office of Education, neighboring school districts, and the Yolo County Health Department as necessary. As guidance, DJUSD will use the above chart from AirNow.Gov to informed decisions about whether and when to restrict certain school activities and when to close school.

Green Conditions (0-50 AQI/ Good) No restrictions.

Yellow Conditions (51-100 AQI Moderate) Carefully watching sensitive groups and modifying activity as necessary.

Orange Conditions (101-150 Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups) Ensure that sensitive individuals, such as those with asthma, are medical managing their conditions and moderating activities appropriately. Restricting activities for some/all students may also be appropriate.

Red Conditions
(151-200 Unhealthy) Impose restrictions on outside activities including:

  • Keeping students indoors - this includes recess, lunch period and physical education class.
  • Doors to classrooms will be kept closed to limit exposure to poor air quality.
  • Suspending outside activities, such as field trips and sports until conditions improve
  • Postponing athletic programs through Davis Senior High School (note DJUSD athletic or other activities and events held at off-campus locations are subject to actions associated with that location’s AQI levels.) 

Purple Conditions (200-300) All outdoor activities canceled or moved indoors. If the AQI moves into the purple range, DJUSD will consider canceling school. Be on the alert for messaging on whether schools remain open or closed in this circumstance.

Maroon Conditions (301 and above) Watch for school closure announcements

If my child stays home because of air quality, is this an excused absence?

Yes. If you report an absence because of health concerns related to air quality, it will be counted as an excused absence.

Do classrooms and school buildings have filters in air systems to block smoke?

We have filtrations systems on all HVAC systems throughout the District that filter particulates down to three microns in size.

What if my child has asthma or doesn’t feel well?

Students and staff who have asthma or other health concerns should consult with their health care provider. If students become ill at school they should report to the school nurse or office and a parent will be contacted.


Parents are advised to contact their school office directly for the latest information regarding school-specific plans about physical education classes, lunch schedules, or other questions and concerns.
We recognize that individuals may have questions about their individual student or personal needs and these can be directed to school offices or the Public Information Office at